Hello, everybody!

»ler em Português«

How are you fellows? Are you ok? I hope so!

First of all, I’d like to say many thanks to everybody that visits, read, comment or post on my page. It’s a pleasure to write, teach, help, answer, indicate, etc.

english header
This website is mainly dedicated to all kinds of students who want to learn or improve the English language within the world, and more specifically for people from Brazil, that is interested in learning English as a Second Language in a nice, real, practical and interesting way. People can use this site as a resource for learning grammar, real conversation, the four main language skills (writing, speaking, reading and listening), culture, music, news, technology and everything related to language learning, and learning English.

As a second plan, I’ve created this Blog to promote my services as a private English Teacher and Translator as well. If you need to study English deeply  or practice your speech through conversation and wanna have classes online, just access the  Online English Classes page. Otherwise, if you need a translation, get in contact.

You can check the About Me page to know a little bit more about me and how to contact me.

Did you like my blog? I hope yes! Please like, comment, follow and share. Don’t be afraid of sending me e-mails or comments, I’ll be glad to answer you all!

Thank You!


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