20 tips on how to improve your English.

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20 tips on how to improve your English

20 tips on how to improve your English

English is everywhere, and learning it is more than put your face inside grammar books or just repeat sentences with no context or out of a real (close to real) situation. Of course grammar is important and repetition sometimes too. However, learning English should be a fun activity where you learn and improve through things you like or enjoy doing.

Spend your time on things that interest you while learning English. For example, If you like cooking then buy an English language cookbook or find recipes on the internet and practice following the steps. If you made a mistake, don’t worry, soon you’ll find out.

Keep English around you (books, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, flashcards, etc) all day and every day, you never know when you might have a spare minute. If you are too tired to actively practice, just relax and listen to some radio in English, or a song you enjoy. Get onto social networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or even LinkedIn (if you have professional interesses) and start socializing. Start networking with native speakers, teachers and other learners too.

Here you can check some more tips on how to improve your English.

  1. Join an English course, Online or not
  2. Do your homework. (This is very important!)
  3. Read a book or a comic whenever you can.
  4. Learn at least 3 new words every day 
  5. Visit an English speaking forum or blog whenever you can 
  6. Read a news article on the internet every day 
  7. Practice your listening skill ate least 10 minutes a day 
  8. Watch an English film at least once a month 
  9. Follow a soap, comedy or radio or TV drama 
  10. Surround Yourself with English 
  11. Study As Often As Possible 
  12. Speak without Fear 
  13. Make mistakes and learn to correct them yourself 
  14. Try to be more independent (You won´t have your teacher all the time.) 
  15. Make an English speaking friend 
  16. Don´t be lazy 
  17. Use the internet to look for other resources 
  18. Keep a diary 
  19. Talk to yourself (it seems crazy, but it helps) and try to think in English 
  20. Have fun learning English

And what about you, dear reader? Any tips?


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