Learn IDIOMS and Improve Your English

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Idioms (Idiomatic Expressions)

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Do you know what Idioms are? Check this out!

According to the book English Idioms in Use (Advanced), written by Felicity O’Dell and Michael McCarthy (Cambridge), “idioms are fixed combinations of words whose meaning is often difficult to guess by the meaning of each individual word.”

To make it simple, idioms are non-literal groups of words which are used a lot within the English language.

To sum up, if you want to improve your fluency and maybe sound more like a native, read books and magazines, understand songs and movies, it’s very important that you know Idiomatic Expressions, so you can understand and express yourself naturally. They are not so formal, so be careful.

Take a look at these:


Be a Catch Idiom


to be someone worth dating, marrying, having.

         – Look guys, I’d love to date that girl, she is a catch.



Hit The Book Idiom

to study very hard for a purpose.

          – Paul, we’re going to the beach tomorrow. Would you like to come?

                    – I’m afraid not, I’m going to hit the books this weekend, I have a test on Monday. 


Do you want more? Chek ou our Idioms list.

Take a look at the Cambrige’s Excerpt(Explanation and Exercise)from the book quoted at this page for a more detailed explanation about Idioms and practice doing the exercises.

Did you like it? Can you share other idioms with us? Please, do it.


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