How to Learn English Playing Video Games

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Learn and Improve English as a second language playing Video Games.

Video Games for Learning English

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Yesterday I was playing some old MMORPG game (Ultima Online) just to feel like a 15-year-old-boy again, and then I remembered I’ve learned a lot through many kinds of video games, not only English, but problem-solving, strategy, logic etc. As I got this inspiration yesterday, I decided to write about ‘how can video games help you to learn or improve a second language’, in our case, English as a Second Language (ESL).

Like movies, books, series, magazines, radio, music, etc, video games are good sources for you to learn English or improve it.

I undoubtedly know that when you’re playing Video Games, you’re in a virtual world. However, this other side of reality brings real world similar situations or characteristics. Situations which leads you to learn – related to learning a language –  new vocabulary, expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs, etc, in different contexts and approaches.

In my case, I remember I hated English while in Elementary School. On the other hand, I was a game lover, but I have never needed English to play, or maybe the games I used to have were not that complex at the time. Since I started playing RPG games or other games which I had to decide, and understand what I was doing, I started to know the importance of a second language as games are developed mostly on other languages, rather than in the language I speak natively – PTBR (Brazillian Portuguese) – and sometimes they take ages to be translated to your own language.

English is the language of the world. To have access to fresh information  you have to now the source language to understand what you watch, read or listen. To make it short, the same way you don’t want to wait for the subtitles of a movie or for your favorite song lyrics to be translated, you don’t want to wait for a game to be localized/translated to play. So you can easily start learning the language needed and enjoy your favorite ones.

According to scientists from Queen Mary University of London and University College London (UCL), “certain types of video games can help to train the brain to become more agile and improve strategic thinking.

Brain On Video Games

And even more, playing video games to learn English or other subjects can be inspiring as some people get bored with traditional learning. And moreover, I’m not talking only about the games that are designed for the purpose of learning other languages, I’m talking about great real famous Video Games such as the ones in this list brought to you by Forbes: The Top Video Games of 2015

A research conducted by KAPLAN International English about ‘How people learn English’ showed that 56% of the people interviewed said that “computer games helped them to learn or improve English”.

How To Learn English Statistics Survey

And here is a list of four recommendations divided into four difficulty levels to help with learning English through Video Games (by Kaplan International English):

Start small with arcade games (Beginner)

If you are playing something simple that is action and reaction based without much text, still get into the habit of setting the language to English where possible.

Build basic and useful vocabulary with The Sims (Easy)

The Sims was mentioned in our How to Learn English survey we did back in 2012 and we agree that it is an excellent choice for a game to help your English.

All of the Sims games are digital dollhouses and centre on building a little virtual family life. As a result you will very quickly learn useful day-to-day vocabulary. This includes household items and furniture, family relationships, activities and job types.

Venture online to practise English with others in any online-based game (Medium)

Any MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game will encourage interaction between different players. Even if you are not up to the task of directly communicating with your fellow players, you can still observe how other people are talking to each other.
Dive into deep stories with anything by Telltale Games (Hard)

If you really want to test your English, just about anything by Telltale Games is an excellent choice.

Telltale Games produce very story-focused games with a lot of dialogue and decision making. They are often tense, highly engaging, and the time pressure you are put under to make decisions will force you to see what happens when you make choices. This will help you quickly learn the meaning of things you might be uncertain about.

Check out the full post about the 4 recommendations 

Have you played many Video Games? Which ones? Do you have a top 10 list? Share with us. Like, Comment and Share.

Video Games Games Characters


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