Phrasal Verbs? Nice to meet you.

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Phrasal Verbs, Nooooooooooooo!! Just kidding.

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Students know that  a phrasal verb is like a nightmare for people learning English. There are lots of them and you have to practice if you want to know them. Native speakers use phrasal verbs all the time in their conversation! Knowing them will make your speech look similar to a native person’s speech and it’s good using them in your writing. Continuar lendo “Phrasal Verbs? Nice to meet you.”


The Best Smartphone Apps to Learn English.

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Can I learn English with my smartphone? Sure!

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Dear readers, we all know that technology has changed the way we live. For better? Probably, but I don’t know; it helps a lot and I’m taking advantage of it every time I need. People are using smartphones to do their daily activities more and more. And why not taking advantage of it to learn? Why noy learning another language (English) while waiting for someone, or in a drive-thru line? Developers have created many applications for smartphones and we can find thousands of them related to learning languages.

At this post, I’ll list a few of free apps to help you improve or learn English:

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20 Dicas Para Melhorar o Seu Inglês

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Como melhorar o seu Inglês? Veja as dicas!

20 tips on how to improve your English

O inglês está em todo lugar, e aprendê-lo é mais do que cair de cara nos livros de gramática ou simplesmente apelar para a repetição de frases fora de contexto ou de uma situação proxima da comunicação real. É claro que a gramática é importante, há regras importantes; e a repetição também, quando se quer memorizar algo ou melhorar a pronúncia. Todavia, aprender Inglês pode e deveria ser uma atividade prazerosa em que você se divirta, onde você aprenda e melhore seu Inglês através de coisas que você gosta de fazer. Continuar lendo “20 Dicas Para Melhorar o Seu Inglês”

Hello, everybody!

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How are you fellows? Are you ok? I hope so!

First of all, I’d like to say many thanks to everybody that visits, read, comment or post on my page. It’s a pleasure to write, teach, help, answer, indicate, etc.

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This website is mainly dedicated to all kinds of students who want to learn or improve the English language within the world, and more specifically for people from Brazil, that is interested in learning English as a Second Language in a nice, real, practical and interesting way. People can use this site as a resource for learning grammar, real conversation, the four main language skills (writing, speaking, reading and listening), culture, music, news, technology and everything related to language learning, and learning English. Continuar lendo “Hello, everybody!”