How to Learn English Playing Video Games

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Learn and Improve English as a second language playing Video Games.

Video Games for Learning English

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Yesterday I was playing some old MMORPG game (Ultima Online) just to feel like a 15-year-old-boy again, and then I remembered I’ve learned a lot through many kinds of video games, not only English, but problem-solving, strategy, logic etc. As I got this inspiration yesterday, I decided to write about ‘how can video games help you to learn or improve a second language’, in our case, English as a Second Language (ESL).

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False Friends? Who/What are they?

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False Friends ou Falsos Cognatos

False Friends Falso Cognato

While studying and learning English we might find many words that have their origins in Latin (universidade = university) and are similar to Portuguese, in sound and spell. These words are called cognates(friends, partners). But wait! Keep calm and don’t hurry up. Some of those words may mislead you. For instance, ‘colégio’; it doesn’t mean ‘college’, but High School’. We say faculdade in Portuguese, to refer to ‘college’. Well, they’re not so friendly anymore, are they?. That’s why we call them False Friends (Falsos Cognatos in portuguese).

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Learn IDIOMS and Improve Your English

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Idioms (Idiomatic Expressions)

Idiom Front Image Post

Do you know what Idioms are? Check this out!

According to the book English Idioms in Use (Advanced), written by Felicity O’Dell and Michael McCarthy (Cambridge), “idioms are fixed combinations of words whose meaning is often difficult to guess by the meaning of each individual word.”

To make it simple, idioms are non-literal groups of words which are used a lot within the English language.

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Phrasal Verbs? Nice to meet you.

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Phrasal Verbs, Nooooooooooooo!! Just kidding.

Phrasal Verbs English Header

Students know that  a phrasal verb is like a nightmare for people learning English. There are lots of them and you have to practice if you want to know them. Native speakers use phrasal verbs all the time in their conversation! Knowing them will make your speech look similar to a native person’s speech and it’s good using them in your writing. Continuar lendo “Phrasal Verbs? Nice to meet you.”