The use of the Definite and Indefinite Articles: ‘A/AN’ and ‘THE’

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Grammar: Definite and Indefinite Articles

In English, the use of the Article is simple, it follows the noun.

In the first image, you can see the Articles in sequence:  ‘A / AN‘ and ‘THE‘:

Definite and Indefinite Articles

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False Friends? Who/What are they?

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False Friends ou Falsos Cognatos

False Friends Falso Cognato

While studying and learning English we might find many words that have their origins in Latin (universidade = university) and are similar to Portuguese, in sound and spell. These words are called cognates(friends, partners). But wait! Keep calm and don’t hurry up. Some of those words may mislead you. For instance, ‘colégio’; it doesn’t mean ‘college’, but High School’. We say faculdade in Portuguese, to refer to ‘college’. Well, they’re not so friendly anymore, are they?. That’s why we call them False Friends (Falsos Cognatos in portuguese).

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The Best Smartphone Apps to Learn English.

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Can I learn English with my smartphone? Sure!

Header Learn English Apps

Dear readers, we all know that technology has changed the way we live. For better? Probably, but I don’t know; it helps a lot and I’m taking advantage of it every time I need. People are using smartphones to do their daily activities more and more. And why not taking advantage of it to learn? Why noy learning another language (English) while waiting for someone, or in a drive-thru line? Developers have created many applications for smartphones and we can find thousands of them related to learning languages.

At this post, I’ll list a few of free apps to help you improve or learn English:

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20 tips on how to improve your English.

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20 tips on how to improve your English

20 tips on how to improve your English

English is everywhere, and learning it is more than put your face inside grammar books or just repeat sentences with no context or out of a real (close to real) situation. Of course grammar is important and repetition sometimes too. However, learning English should be a fun activity where you learn and improve through things you like or enjoy doing. Continuar lendo “20 tips on how to improve your English.”