The Best Smartphone Apps to Learn English.

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Can I learn English with my smartphone? Sure!

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Dear readers, we all know that technology has changed the way we live. For better? Probably, but I don’t know; it helps a lot and I’m taking advantage of it every time I need. People are using smartphones to do their daily activities more and more. And why not taking advantage of it to learn? Why noy learning another language (English) while waiting for someone, or in a drive-thru line? Developers have created many applications for smartphones and we can find thousands of them related to learning languages.

At this post, I’ll list a few of free apps to help you improve or learn English:

1. Duolingo (Free) Duolingo Icon EnglishOnMe Post

With Duolingo, you learn a language completely free, without ads or hidden charges. You have fun while you learn, leveling up and competing with friends.

Duolingo is particularly one of the best apps for learning another language, in this case, English. There are no ads to bother you, it’s totally free, a friendly user interface and is categorized in levels so you can see and set your progress clearly.

 2. Rosetta (Stone) Course (Free)Rosetta Stone for EnglishOnMe Post

Everywhere in the world, if you talk about learning another language, you’re going to hear or see the name, Rosetta Stone. It’s a worldwide language school. In its app you can learn English easily, for sure, as Rosetta Stone’s immersion based method is great.

3. Speak English (Free, Offer App-in purchases)

Speak English App EnglishOnMe Post

This app is designed for elementary/basic learners of English. Is based on a listen, repeat and compare approach. You can improve your speaking and pronunciation skills natural and easily using it.

4.Urban Dictionary (Free)

Every language changes with time, people, culture etc.

Urban Dictionary is the people-powered slang dictionary.

Using this app you’re gonna find the English in its real uses. You can find, slangs, expressions, idioms, words from the street, I mean, the real English. And the best thing here is, you can help other people with new slangs or expressions and even more, every time a word changes or a new one shows up, you get notified.

5. Dictionary (Free)

Dictionary App Icon EnglishOnMe Post

Having a dictionary is important for English students. You won’t be checking every word you see in a book or around (I used to check, rsrsrsrs) but it’s necessary to have a dictionary at hand, and even better, a digital one!

This is the only free Dictionary app you will ever need. is the leading free English dictionary app with over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms.
The good thing about this app is that it works offline – you do not need an internet connection. And even more, you can get notified about the Word of the Day if you prefer.

6.Google Translate (Free)

Google Translate App Icon EnglishOnMe Post

Translating a word is good for beginners to increase their vocabulary, and sometimes you need a quick translation or check how a word is pronounced. The google translator we use in the web can be accessed through its app.

There are lot’s of functionalities:

  • Type to translate 90 languages
  • Use your camera to translate text instantly in 26 languages
  • Two-way automatic speech translation in 40 languages
  • Draw with your finger as a keyboard alternative
  • Star and save translations for future reference
  • Take pictures of text for higher-quality translations or for languages not supported by instant camera translation

7. HelloTalk (Free)

Hello Talk App Icon EnglishOnMe Post

I was teaching English one day and one of my student’s couldn’t pay attention to the class and I was trying to call her attention through lot’s of things and then, as my last resource, I called her by name and told her to stop chatting and focus on Learning English. She looked at me, showed me her smart phone and said: “I’m practicing teacher!” and then she introduced HelloTalk. It’s amazing, you can learn and teach other languages with real people in real situations of communications, there is no best way to learn a language than interacting and practicing.

It is the 1st Language Exchange Social Networking App in the world. You pick the language you want to learn—there are over 100 from which to select—and almost instantaneously you’ll be in touch with native speakers of that language; you’ll start learning and practicing immediately.
8. Ted Talks (Free)

Ted Talk App EnglishOnMe Post

I LOVE Ted Talks, I’ve used it a lot to improve my listening and pronunciation; and beyond that, you watch and listen to interesting thins told by inspiring people from all over the world, in English, with subtitles. You can access “riveting talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people — wherever you are”.

TED’s official app presents bold, new thought leadership from education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, music legends and other remarkable minds. Find thousands of inspiring TED Talks: videos to feed your curiosity, explore innovative concepts and expand your world — updated regularly.

9. (Free) app icon EnglishOnMe Post

Well, I won’t say much about it, you ar more than aware that, at,  you can learn anything you want through any kind of approach or methodology, English is not an exception.

Social Media Apps

You’re probably a social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) addicted, so use these tools/apps to learn or improve English checking posts, podcasts, what people are saying, news etc, comment, like, share etc, everything in English.


You can look for free learning English apps for Irregular Verbs, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Slangs, Podcasts, News, Grammar etc.

Do you use any other apps to learn English or any other language? Share with us, please!

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